Our values

How to become better every day

Your prospective colleagues come from 158 different countries. They come from various cultures and are bound together by one thing in particular: our PwC Values. These consist of our shared outlook as well as the experiences and knowledge that we have gathered by working together internally as well as with clients.

There are four key behaviours in connection with our values

  • We focus on customer benefit/added value for employees
  • We put ourselves in the position of our customers and teams
  • We share with each other and work together
  • We invest in the customer relationships of our teams

We know that through intensive communication, it is possible to improve our behaviour and develop a fundamentally better understanding of each other. This enables us to improve our performance and thus significantly increase customer benefit. PwC Values help us become better – every day.

Our values

Act with integrity

We stand up for what we believe is right and important. We accept responsibility for the quality of our work – both individually and as a team. We make decisions that we will personally and consistently stand by.

Make a difference

We take time to make changes and consider how they affect us and our customers. We show courage when shaping transformation – together with colleagues, clients and society. We face changes with unwavering curiosity and always remain flexible and agile.


We are open and consider what is important to others. We value the contribution that every individual makes. We assist each other mutually so that we can broaden our horizons.

Work together

We are team players and share our knowledge with each other so that we grow together. We value diversity in personalities, perspectives and ideas and consider them when making our day-to-day decisions. We give and seek regular feedback so that we can continuously further develop.

Reimagine the possible

We question the status quo – and do so every day. We try new things and see opportunities for development in mistakes. We recognise and tap into the potential of every new idea without any bias.