For a successful career, everything needs to be just right. We have made sure that this is the case.

We want to create a positive work environment where it is possible to work flexibly and creatively, where work is recognised and strong performance is celebrated – a work environment we can be proud of. This is our vision of how we want to work. We therefore offer a wide range of benefits and perks that you are free to enjoy. Take a look for yourself!


Smart working

In order to ensure a better work-life choice, you can decide when you start and finish your workday as well as its length for yourself. This, of course, needs to be in line with business requirements and the provisions of labour law. We do not have any core working hours. Furthermore, thanks to our FlexWork@PwC concept, you can spend your time working in home office or at any other location.

Other than this, there are additional advantages relating to your work schedule:


  • Compensation for overtime

At PwC Germany, you can build up hours of overtime on your personal annual working hours account (Jahresarbeitszeitkonto – JAZ). It is up to you whether you receive compensation for accumulated hours or use your balance flexibly for more time off at a later date.

  • Home office allowance

We offer an allowance of €5 to employees who perform an entire day of work in home office or Flex Work.

  • Sabbatical

Thanks to our special part-time block model, you can take leave for months at a time. In addition, you can save up a balance of working hours over a longer period of time and then use them for a leave of absence. During this period, your part-time remuneration will continue to be paid.

  • Part-time models

We offer you a diverse range of part-time models with leave provided on the basis of hours, days or months.

  • Flexible working in other EU countries

We want to provide you with as much leeway as possible, including in the selection of your work location. You can therefore spend up to 25 workdays per year working from other EU countries.

Modern equipment

With a view to maximum mobility and flexibility, we provide you with a wide range of equipment based on your needs. This includes, for example, a notebook, the PwC credit card, a UMTS card for connecting to a mobile network, a business trolley and an iPhone. Moreover, you can obtain a second monitor for your workplace.

Our private IT leasing programme also enables you to obtain the best technology privately while still enjoying special conditions. For example, you can use salary conversion to pay for the most up-to-date devices in convenient monthly instalments.


Services for families

We want to help you achieve the right balance between work and family. We therefore provide you with the following offers:

  • Returning after parental leave

As a parent, you will receive financial support upon your child’s birth or adoption. In addition, we wish to stay in contact with you during your parental leave so that you can, for example, continue participating in training and are well prepared for your return to working life.

  • PwC Kids

We provide you with special leave if a child falls ill, offer you childcare during the summer holidays and assist you in finding a place at a childcare centre (e.g. ZwergenLand in Frankfurt am Main). In addition, during the Corona pandemic, it is possible to take an additional five days of special leave to care for children so that you have greater flexibility.

  • Teens challenge the world

This exchange programme provides teenagers of between 14 and 19 years old with the opportunity to spend six weeks staying with another PwC family from within the PwC network.

  • Care for family members

Where needed, we will be happy to assist as an intermediary for care personnel and facilities or with information events that are free of charge. In addition, we offer part-time models and special leave to care for sick family members.

  • Take-away food

At certain locations you can get a balanced lunch as a take-away meal to bring home from the canteen. This means less time cooking and more time for your family.



Sport and health offers

Because your well-being is of pivotal importance to us, we have a wide range of offers for keeping fit.

  • Company sports

Take part in our free company programme or organise your own internal sport event with financial support from us.

  • Reduced gym fees/urban sports club

We believe that those who give their most at work deserve to find the right balance. You can benefit from reduced fees at a range of fitness studios, membership at an urban sports club or participate in our free company sports events, for example, a virtual yoga or HITT session

  • Preventative care and additional benefits

At PwC, it is possible to undergo regular preventative checks free of charge and to take advantage of medical services for preventing addiction as well as nutritional advice. Moreover, our company health insurance fund, Betriebskrankenkasse PricewaterhouseCoopers (BKK PwC), provides you with attractive additional benefits that go beyond the statutory requirements. This includes the full absorption of costs for vaccinations for overseas travel as well as malaria prophylaxis medication.

Would you like to know more about our offers in the area of health & well-being?

Social safeguards

We will help you to achieve future security through straightforward and smart planning:

  • Company pension scheme

It is possible to pay into a pension fund at PwC Germany. If you have reached the age of 45, you can also participate in a deferred compensation scheme.

  • Insurance

We offer employees a wide range of insurance policies. These include, for example, overseas health insurance, collision damage insurance for business trips, accident insurance for work and private life as well as group accident insurance. Furthermore, you will receive special conditions for occupational disability insurance.

  • Continued payment in the event of illness

The statutory obligation for employers to continue paying remuneration ends after six weeks. For the period that you receive sickness benefit payments after these six weeks, PwC will also provide a supplementary allowance.

Helping you become more qualified

Proper planning is the key to development. We are therefore fully dedicated to helping you reach your individual potential and achieve your professional goals. The starting point here is the annual development meeting. In addition, we have a range of training and further education offers for you:

  • Onboarding

In order to make your arrival at PwC as pleasant as possible, we will invite you to participate in our week-long onboarding programme together with numerous other new recruits. Here, you will get to know new people and learn all about PwC Germany as an employer. Furthermore, when you start with us, you will be assigned a buddy who will help you to navigate your way through your new daily working life quickly. Your buddy will be able to assist you with both technical and personal questions.

  • Professional examinations

We provide you with the opportunity to take examination leave with a special support budget. This offer applies for professional examinations such as the Auditor Examination (Wirtschaftsprüfer:in), Full Auditor Examination (Voll-WP), Tax Consultant Examination (Steuerberater:in) and Actuary Examination (Aktuar:in).

  • Secondments

With us, you have the opportunity to spend time working at another PwC location in Germany or abroad. This can range from one to twelve months (short-term secondment) or even one to five years (short-term secondment).

  • Training and further education

Our “Academy” regularly provides you with suitable offers to develop the knowledge and abilities needed for your projects. This includes specialist training, managerial and behavioural seminars, learning groups and much more. New technologies are a central area of focus in this context. With Your Tomorrow, our special digital upskilling programme, we will prepare you for the challenges of digitalisation. This programme includes data & analytics training as well as our Digital Fitness app, which uses games to provide you with important digital know-how.

  • Master’s degree support

If you want to become an auditor, the AuditXcellence programme enables you to complete part-time master’s degree studies alongside your employment while simultaneously undergoing comprehensive preparation for the professional exam. The “Mannheim Master of Accounting & Taxation” enables you to obtain an M.Sc. degree while in employment and while you simultaneously prepare for the tax consultant exam. Furthermore, we offer various master’s degree programmes in specialised areas that immerse you more deeply in certain topic areas, such as our Advisory line of service.

Our highly networked and data-driven world of work means that the requirements placed on employees are constantly changing. Digital competencies have now become indispensable for the continued success of companies of all sizes. PwC Germany has been collaborating with the Digital Business University (DBU) in Berlin since 2022. As a business university for the digital era, the DBU has consistently geared its educational and research activities towards the acquisition of digital competencies. With the master’s degree assistance from PwC and a 5% discount on tuition fees, PwC employees and alumni benefit significantly from the innovative courses on offer from the DBU.

  • Mentoring

Our personal mentors will guide you on your way at PwC. They will advise you (for example) on matters of training and further education and assist you, including in personal matters, from the get-go with both advice and action.

  • Women@PwC

The Women@PwC initiative offers targeted training and regular network meetings to all female staff members who want to prepare for the next step in their careers.

  • Shine

Our Shine business network operates across our various locations and is aimed at our in-house LGBT community as well as anyone who is interested. Members organise regular meetings and events together at our individual branches and gather once per year in order to communicate across locations.

Financial advantages

We help you save money with the following initiatives: 

  • Corporate Benefits

Our special website gives you access to discounts and special offers for more than 600 brands.

  • Job tickets

You can get the following job tickets for public transport with preferential conditions:

​​​​​Munich: Isar-Card-Job

Düsseldorf: Rheinbahn in VRR

Hamburg: HVV-Profi-Card

Stuttgart: VVS-Firmen Ticket

  • Bike leasing 

From cargo bikes to e-bikes and from city bikes to mountain bikes – you have the opportunity to lease your ideal bike from our contractual partner. When doing so, it is possible to choose any brand and to have your bike adjusted to your needs. The retail network of our partner currently consists of 3,000 bike sellers across Germany.

  • Mobility loan

If you have moved home due to work, we will assist you with our mobility loan (excluding people with power of attorney and from management level upwards).

Celebrating success together

It is important to us that achievements at work be recognised collectively and for festivities to serve as a gathering point. This enables us to celebrate together and look back at what we have achieved. Such events include, for example: 

  • Summer festivals

  • Christmas parties

  • Happy hours

  • Staff days

  • Department parties

  • Reserved tables for regulars


Social commitment

  • Corporate volunteering and pro bono activities

We support employees that wish to get involved in voluntary efforts. An allowance of company hours can be set aside for volunteering at selected non-profit organisations.

Would you like to know more about our social and voluntary efforts?

  • Private voluntary activities

Our Social Award is granted to recognise the private voluntary efforts of our employees.

Find out more about the topic of corporate responsibility at PwC Germany.